Sunday, 22 January 2017

you're not buying something for our wife now, Ian Dickson, Men Only April 1945

Changing hair colours in the WAAF ranks, Starke, Men Only April 1945

Foretelling accidents on the road to watford, anonymous artist Men Only April 1945

he designs the covers for the Government White Papers, Bovey, Men Only April1945

Don't seem to remember him wear a moustache before, David Langdon Men Only April 1945

you said you'd dug up a couple of dates, Ian Dickson, Men Only April 1945, at the Dance Hall

You fellers warm enough in here? Hynes, Men Only April 1949

your threshold is next door, Hynes, Men Only April 1945,

You can have this one cheap, it got bent somehow, Mne Only April 1945 artist Kerr

You can never trust a man... Edgar Norfield, April 1945 Men Only

without you fellows in the RAF we in the factories couldn't do our jobs, artist Jeff. Men Only April 1945

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Come on George, you've already said goodbye to Mum, Ian Dickson Men Only September 1946

darling I've been kissed all over most divinely - by the sun of course, Hynes, Men Only September 1946

And sometimes we do scholastic lessons, which are, of course, an extra, Anton Men Only September 1946

It;s lovely Maestro, but haven't you flattered me a leetle? Webster Murray Men Only 1946

Apassionato Fusrioso, Ronald Searle LMen Only September 1946

my Silver Anniversary, the first twenty-five years are over!, Ian Dickson, Men Only September 1946

Amazing the unexploded boms they still seem to be discovering in expected places, Pat Auld, Men Only September 1946

He does! Ronald Searle Men Only 1946

Is your foreman about? Starke, Men Only 1946

I'm just going to paint her bottom red, Hynes, Men Only September 1946

Bit of a crush old man, Talbert Men Only September 1946

That's Travers, one of our biggest research men, Acanthus, Men Only September 1946

Bah a woman driver! I might have known, Edgar Norfield Men Only September 1946

That way, straight on for a hundred yards or so, then keep bearing to your left. Leonard Hagerty Men Only September 1946

Old fool, with his shepherd's pie and his everlasting 'How's my little Popsie today' Men Only Frank Ford 1946

Dr Bagshot's terms are cash on delivery, Hynes, Men Only September 1946

A little surpise darling. This is your new Daddy, Webster Murray, Men Only September 1946

The train coming in on No 11 platform is running 111 years late, artist Delbos Men Only September 1946

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

no caption, a life behind bars, Lilliput February 1950 Starke

no caption, something under the cassock, Gantriis Lilliput December 1949

Oh that! Grandma caught it at Eastbourne in 1910, anon., Lilliput December 1949

Look here! Over six months ago I had my eyes tested for spectacles, David Langdon, Lilliput 1949 December

It all started with an ambition I had to live gracefully, Starke, Lilliput December 1949

No Caption, unveiling a statue, Reg Forster, Lilliput December 1949

No caption, Andre Francois, a medieval kiss, Andre Francois, December 1949

Hullo is that Vortex Puzzle Company... Inland Revenue, Starke, Lilliput December 1949

I think there's been a mistake somewhere, Wilarke, Lilliput December 1949